Thursday, 1 September 2011

Catrice: 470 Snow Motion! & OPI: NL E62 Silver Shatter.

Yesterday I gave myself a new mani. Information and pictures are below.

BASE COAT: The Edge "Nails." 5 Star Base Coat. 2010009 Basecoat.

This is the only base coat I tend to use, when I do that is. The varnish looks a light pink color in its bottle. Its application is very nice, and it dries clear and to a smooth and shiny finish.

ONE/TWO/THREE COATS: Catrice "Ultimate Nail Lacquer." 470 Snow Motion!

Catrice: 470 Snow Motion! is quite a thin nail varnish, so I had to apply three coats. It dried to a shiny finish and took about half an hour for each coat to dry. Pictures are below. Sorry about the messy cleanup.

Pictures above are actually only with two coats on, as I had to go out and pick up my son from school mid mani. So I took some pictures in case I messed it up while I was out, but after seeing the varnish in the sunlight I decided to add another coat of it when I got back home.

ONE COAT: OPI "Shatter." NL E62 Silver Shatter.

I didn't overlay any strokes, and made sure I didn't overload my brush each time, or add too little so my strokes didn't apply a too thin coat on my nails. I had no problems with this Shatter polish at all. I actually like it a lot.

TOP COAT x2: Catrice "Quick Dry & High Shine." Top Coat.

This top coat is quite thin, which is why I applied two coats instead of just one, and also to give my nails a smooth finish over the Shatter layer.

I like this Opi Shatter. I will definitely be using it again, but next time over a darker color in my collection that I have yet to use.

APPLICATION: Afternoon of 31st August 2011.

LASTED UNTIL: 1st September 2011. Today actually. Maybe because I went out and done a lot of shopping/things with my hands, and it could have been because it chipped in a couple of places because the one corner of two of my nails broke. Also, the varnish came away from one thumb nail that I tore a little the other day. But, apart from that my mani is still perfect. So, if I hadn't damaged my nails I reckon my mani would have lasted at least a few more days before I would have to re-do it again completely. Which is probably when I am going to re-do my mani again. Ha ha!

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  1. The crackle looks nice over white!

  2. Thank you! I think so too. Can't wait to try it over a darker color though. Dark purple maybe next time. :oD


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