Thursday, 25 August 2011

Yesterdays Nail Polish Haul.

So, I just wanted to post what I got yesterday. Not to brag, but to post mainly pictures for my close family and friends that live far away from me can see.

So, piccy's are below obviously. Hee hee! Click on 'em to see more detail and to see them in their original size.

Yesh, I love Hello Kitty, and despite my non-love of the color pink also. Individual nail set pictures are below, along with a in-pack product description.

Catrice: 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night & OPI: NL K10 Last Friday Night.

I decided not to use a base coat for my mani this time. Simply because the nail polish I'm going to apply contains glitter.

ONE/TWO COATS: Catrice "Ultimate Nail Lacquer" 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.

I know I've used this particular color before, but I wanted to use it mostly on its own instead of just on my tips, like I chose to do with it on my initial try with using it. I really love this polish, especially since it's black, and because it has fuchsia pink colored and mint green colored small specs of glitter within it.

APPLICATION: It was nice to apply, and a little streaky on the first coat, but looked perfect by the time I added the second coat and allowed it to dry. This polish dried to a nice shiny, but not glossy finish.

Pictures are below. As always, click on any picture to see it in its original size. Excuse my band-aid, as I accidentally stabbed myself yesterday with a pair of scissors...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Catrice: 510 Bye, Bye Birdy! & Isa Dora "Graffiti Nails" 803 Masterpiece Pink

I know crackle/graffiti/shatter nail polishes have been around for a while now, but I'm still relatively new to them; especially when it comes to experimenting with color combinations. So, I wanted to have a mani that was light and colorful, despite the dark constant cloud that seems to be over the town I live in.

BASE COAT: The Edge "Nails" 5 Star Base Coat.

This is actually my favorite base coat, and a varnish that looks a light pink in the bottle but dries to a clear shiny finish and one that applies very nicely.

ONE/TWO/THREE/FOUR COATS: Catrice "Ultimate Nail Lacquer." 510 Bye, Bye Birdy!

I really did not enjoy using this polish, and not just because it took like an hour for each coat to dry. It wasn't exactly thin, but it was quite streaky, even after four coats, and it didn't dry to a nice even finish either. If I was using this polish on its own then I would have applied five coats instead of just four. But, I definitely wouldn't bother using it on its own as a full mani, especially since it doesn't dry smooth at all, despite the fact that it did dry with a shiny finish which was the only plus. Pictures are below. Sorry for any missed clean-ups.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Catrice: 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night & NYC: 250 Midnight Amethyst & Nail Art.

So, I updated my nails yesterday evening a bit. Previous post is here for those that want to read and see the review.

I decided to add that third coat of NYC: 250 Midnight Amethyst on my nails, then touch up any mistakes on my tips with Catrice: 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night once my nails were dry.

I then decided to test out one of my newly purchased nail art sticker sets. I used Kiss "3D Tip & Toe Art" 50331 #KNA04 Striking on my two ring fingers. I chose a lilacy pink colored flower that changed to a blue color when the light hit it.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Catrice: 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night & NYC: 250 Midnight Amethyst

Okay, so it's gone 3am, and I'm kinda tired for a change. Well, my eyes are sore anyway, so I'm going to make this bloggie as simple as I can.

First I started with Kiss "French Manicure" Tip Guides and applied them to my left hand. I then painted the tips of my nails on my left hand with Catrice: 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night. This is a glossy black shade with lots of small holographic glitter within it. Black only comes in one shade as far as I'm concerned, and this is it.

TIPS: Catrice "Ultimate Nail Lacquer." 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.

Friday, 12 August 2011

OPI: NL K10 Last Friday Night

OPI "Nail Lacquer" NL K10 Last Friday Night is a clear blue based nail varnish with lots of tiny and small holographic glitter pieces within it. The glitter pieces are blue, silver, and green as far as I can tell; though they reflect a few more colors if you look closely, once applied that is.

ONE/TWO COATS: OPI "Nail Lacquer" NL K10 Last Friday Night.

Monday, 8 August 2011

NYC: 105 Lights-Camera-Glitter

Earlier today I finished doing my nails. Had to pop out, so didn't have a chance to do my blog until now.

(Above Picture: It's the one on the far left.)

NYC "Expert Last Nail Polish" 105 Lights-Camera-Glitter is a clear polish containing lots of silver glitter and small hex pieces of blue and light pink glitter.

ONE/TWO/THREE/FOUR COATS: NYC "Expert Last Nail Polish" 105 Lights-Camera-Glitter.

Application: Application was smooth, and I got nice coverage with the little hex pieces, as long as I didn't go over where I had already painted. There was no dragging or ruined application of polish or glitter on applying further coats.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Catrice: 060 Bloody Mary To Go & Kiss "Nail Artist" Stencils.

Well, finally my nails are dry, and my mani from today is complete. You can find all the details of what I used below.

BASE COAT: The Edge "Nails" 5 Star Base Coat.
FIRST/SECOND COATS: Catrice "Ultimate Nail Lacquer" 060 Bloody Mary To Go.
STENCIL KIT: Kiss "Nail Artist - Paint & Stencil Kit" MDK01.
STENCIL/FREEHAND WORK: Kiss "Nail Art Paint" SPA10 Silver Glitter, and Kiss "Nail Art Paint" SPA12 Black.
TOP COAT x2: NYC "Expert Last Nail Polish" 138 Classy Glassy.

Firstly I applied the base coat to my nails. It went on smoothly and looks pink in the bottle, but it dried to a clear and shiny color.

Then I applied two coats of Catrice "Ultimate Nail Lacquer" 060 Bloody Mary To Go, as one coat just wasn't enough. Application was also smooth, but unlike other Catrice nail varnishes it took quite a while to dry, so I had to wait a whole hour for each coat to dry properly. I was quite messy too, so I had to clean up a good few mistakes after each coat also.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Birthday Shopping Spree

So, today was my birthday, and I took me and my son to Galway for the day. I hunted down nail polishes and nail art etc that I couldn't get hold of in my town as a treat for myself.

Oodles of pictures below. As always, click on a picture to see an enlarged/original sized version.

 (BACK - from left to right: Models Own "Smash-Up" CP007 Purple, Claire's "Nail Polish for Nail Art" x3, Essence "French Glam Nail Stickers" 01 We Love French, Sinful "Nail Enamel" Romp, Essence "French Glam Nail Stickers" 03 Nothing But French, Models Own "Smash-Up" CP002 Silver. *** FRONT - from left to right: Essence "Color & Go" 38 Choose Me!, Essence "Color & Go" 04 Space Queen, Miss Sporty "UV" Disco Tech, The Edge "Nails" 5 Star Base Coat.)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Kiss "Nail Artist" MDK02 Masquerade

Today I managed to finally get into town so I could exchange my broken Kiss "Nail Artist" pack for a new one, that wasn't broken.

I couldn't wait to try it out, and as my mani from yesterday* was still on really well, I decided to just test it out on one nail for now.

(* You can find my mani from yesterday here.)

Nail Art Kit used: Kiss "Nail Artist" MDK02 Masquerade

First I applied a flower stencil to my left ring finger. There were many stencils to chose from, but I wanted to chose one that was kind of simple and girly, to go with the mani that I done yesterday.

I used Kiss "Nail Art Paint" SPA15 Bikini Pink for the petals of the flower. Then I used Kiss "Nail Art Paint" SPA20 Beach Green for the leaves and stem of the flower.

Application: I found the SPA20 Beach Green slightly thinner in consistency than the SPA15 Bikini Pink, although both went on fine, and I only needed one coat of each color. I did have to be careful that any big drips, working their way down from the inside of the top of the brush lid, didn't end up on my nail, so I had to wipe the brush a few times on the inside of the nail varnish bottle, to get off the excess. But that was no bother to do at all, and trouble free as long as I paid attention to the brush stem every now and then.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Wild and Crazy "Nail Enamel" W203 Wasabi

Today is Lammas, so I wanted to celebrate with a nice mani, so I chose to use something light and summery, in my opinion that is.

(Above taken at night with flash: Wild and Crazy "Nail Enamel" W203 Wasabi.)

ONE/TWO/THREE COATS: Wild and Crazy "Nail Enamel" W203 Wasabi.

Application: Polish went on smooth with no streaking or lifting on application of each coat.

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