Sunday, 31 July 2011


So, I just thought I would do a list of some of my favorite things, and there will be gaps, and it will be updated when I think of answers I have skipped, or favorites I have missed off of my list.

Animal - Wolves
Author - Anne Rice
Ballet - 
Bird - 
Breed of Cat -
Breed of Dog -
Breed of Horse -
Body Spray - Exclamation, and So Sinful
Book -Bram Stokers Dracula, and Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice
Book Series - Night World by L. J. Smith

Cartoon -
Character - Hello Kitty
Chat Show - 
Childhood Book -
Childhood Cartoon - 
Childhood Film/Movie - The Care Bears Movie
Childhood Story - The Snow Queen
Childhood Superhero - Wonder Woman
Childhood Television Series - Knight Rider
Childhood Toy - 
Classical Song - The Four Seasons by Vivaldi 
Classic Book - Jane Eyre
Coffee - Vanilla Cappuccino
Colors - Black, Purple, and Red
Comic Book Superhero - Angel, and Faith Lehane
Conditioner - Coconut
Cuddly Toy - Piggies
Cuddly Toy Series - Care Bears
Dance - 
Drink - Vanilla Coke

Egyptian God - 
Egyptian Goddess - Isis
Female Actor - Eliza Dushku
Female Singer - J:LO

Film/Movie -
Film/Movie Genre - Horror
Flowers - Iris, and Orchid
Food - Chicken
Fruit - 

Gemstone - Garnet, and Amethyst
Horror Book - 
Horror Film/Movie -
Horror Television Series -

Ice-Cream Flavour's -  Cookie Dough, Rum & Raisin, and Tutti Fruitti
Inspirational People - Ellen, and Ian Somerhalder
Jacket Potato Filling -
Jewellery Metal - Silver

Lipbalm's - Vanilla, and Vanilla Coke
Lipstick -

Male Actor -
Male Singer -
Moon Phase - Full Moon
Musical on Stage - 
Musical Film/Movie -
Musical Series - Glee
Mythical Creature - Vampire, and Werewolf
Nail Polish -
Nocturnal Mammal - Bat
Nursery Rhyme - 

Opera - 
Perfume -

Play -
Planet - The Moon, and Saturn
Pop Band - Take That

Radio Station - 

Sandwich/Wrap Filling - 
Scents - Coconut, and Vanilla.
Science Fiction Film/Movie -
Science Fiction Television Series - Dollhouse
Shampoo - Strawberries and Cream
Shape - Cross

Soap - Pears
Soap Opera - 

Song -
Songwriter - Robert Downey Jr.
Superhero -
Supernatural Film/Movie - The Crow
Supernatural Television Series - 

Television Series -
Time of Day - Night

Vegetable -
Villain - Catwoman

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